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What You Should Know About The Goodman Evaporator Coil

Goodman evaporator coil

Evaporator coils are among the major components of an air conditioning system. These coils make an air conditioner (AC) to function well. They covert liquid Freon to a gas and absorb. The heat that is produced during this conversion is absorbed by the evaporator coils. You must clean AC evaporator coils regularly because of the importance. There are lots of brands that produce evaporator coils for an air conditioning system like the Goodman brand. Goodman evaporator coil is one of the best evaporator coils we have in the market. You can get it at www.budgetac.com at an affordable price. Their low price has nothing to do with the quality of their mobile home evaporator coils. However, the type of HVAC evaporator coils you need depends on the installation style.

Goodman Evaporator Coil

Since the early 1980s, Goodman has been in the heating and air units business. They are known for producing evaporator coils that are cheap to buy. Although the AC evaporator coils produced by Goodman are cheaper than other brands, they have built a name for themselves. They are one of the best brands in the business of air and heating units. Goodman evaporator coil is design for easy and quick installation. 

The evaporator coils produced by the Goodman industry have a horizontal configuration. This is an important aspect in evaporator coils replacement. You need to make sure the new coils for replacement fits in well in the existing air conditioner system. Goodman offers their customers the best warranties on evaporator coils and the heating market in general. They give a 10 years warranty to their products. Another attribute of goodman evaporator coils that is different from others is its style. It makes use of a coil. Thus, the name, “Goodman a coils” style. Goodman makes use of a 3/8″ liquid line for their AC evaporator coils

Goodman Evaporator Coil

Maintenance and cleaning of the Goodman evaporator coil 

The lifespan of an air conditioning system depends greatly on regular cleaning and maintenance. This is why you should keep a close eye on your air conditioner and schedule the right maintenance for it. However, life happens as you can get too busy to remember the next date for cleaning your AC unit. Setting up maintenance dates on a calendar can help you. You will no longer forget the time to clean up the evaporator coils and other essential components of your air conditioner

What happens when the goodman evaporator coil is dirty? 

When the AC evaporator coils are dirty, many things are compromised. Initially, the air blowing process of the system is negatively impacted. Since the evaporator coil contains dust, pollen and other particles that prevents efficient air blowing.
An evaporator coil that is dirt or clogged reduces the air flow in your house. Air flow reduction leads to poor cooling times. This is the reason why your room takes time to cool. 

In some cases, your room may not reach the maximum cooling level. This is a bigger problem than delayed cooling performance. Dirt in the evaporator coil has an effect on the air conditioning system cooling capacity. 

Also, operating pressures of the system will increase. This simply means that your air conditioning system is now working at a higher (hotter) temperature. An increase in heat affects the components of an air conditioner. 


Other components of the system will work harder than before as a result of dirty evaporator coil. This will lead to breakdown of the entire system. Your system will not last long as expected. Thus, more money will be spent on either repair or replacement. 

To avoid all these, you should know how to clean your AC unit


How to clean goodman evaporator coil

As earlier stated, an evaporator coil is a major component of an air conditioner. Heat circulating in your house is captured by the evaporator coils. When the coil becomes too dirty, the efficiency level of your system will reduce. Thus, knowing how to clean ac evaporator coils yourself can’t be overemphasized. When you ignore this, your air conditioning system won’t last long. Dirty evaporator coils reduce the efficiency of an air conditioner. You should clean your coils thoroughly in a year or two. This will act as a preventative maintenance measure. 

There are several ways on how to clean evaporator coils without taking the air conditioner system apart. First and foremost, switch off the air conditioning system from the power supply. Remove it from the plug. You should do this for safety purposes. Don’t take any chances at all. Then, remove the access panel to have a closer view of the evaporator coil. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual before you start anything. With the manual, you will find where the access panel and evaporator coil is. 

With your screwdriver, remove the fasteners or screws. Put the removed screws and fasteners in a safe place to avoid losing them. Then, start cleaning.

Best HAVC Coil

The following are ways to clean your goodman evaporator coils


•    Steam cleaning

In this technique, steam is use to spray at the evaporator coils. You should spray it at the right angle to prevent damaging the coils.

•    Compressed air

This method is similar to steam cleaning. It is an effective and quick way of cleaning the evaporator coils. Here, compressed air is use to spray at the coils. The spraying is done in the opposite direction of regular airflow. This is done to prevent dirt forcing its way into the evaporator coil fins. Without doing it this way, the air conditioner would be clogged and the fins would be bent. You should make use of a shop vacuum while using this method to clean the coils. This will prevent dust from entering your eyes and air handler. A shop vacuum also makes the cleaning easier. 

•    Chemicals

There are many commercial chemicals in the market for cleaning evaporator coils of an air conditioner. Before choosing either alkaline or acidic cleaner, contact the manufacturer. From their guide and advice, you will know if to use this cleaning or not. 


More ways to cleanBuy HAVC Coil


•    Pressure washer

This cleaning method is considered as the most effective and thorough method for cleaning very dirty evaporator coils. It is an aggressive cleaning method. Professional HVAC companies carry out this method of cleaning with a portable pressure washer. 

•    Detergent and water 

This is another method of cleaning air conditioner evaporator coils. It involves the use of mild detergent and a hose. Unlike cleaning done with chemicals, this method poses little risk of damaging the coils. This is because of the relative gentleness of the mild detergent. 

•    Foam

Foaming cleaners are commonly use to clean air conditioning system coils. This method is use to prevent corrosion of the coils and other problems. 

•    Brush cleaning

You can also clean your air conditioning evaporator coils with a soft brush. Doing this every few months will prevent the building up of debris which affects the performance of the system. 

Why should you clean your Goodman evaporator coil?

There are lots of benefits from regular cleaning and maintenance of evaporator coils. Through maintenance and regular cleaning, your system will work for a long time without issues and hassle. Your air conditioning system will work as good as new when it is clean often. A few repairs simply means cheaper repair costs. This is better than a total goodman evaporator coil replacement cost. Through regular cleaning and maintenance, the nip problems in the bud would be check. Contractors can also get a chance to fix the system before the problems turn to bigger and costlier problems. To prevent expensive evaporator coil replacement cost, clean and maintain your air conditioner regularly. You will save money on both air conditioning system repair and replacement. This means you won’t be spending money any time soon on a new air conditioner.

If you can’t clean your air conditioning evaporator coils yourself, contact professionals. This will reduce harm to the air conditioning system. 

What do you need to clean your Goodman evaporator coil? 

You should wear protective googles and gear before you start cleaning the evaporator coil. There is a possibility of accidentally blowing dirt into your eyes. With the eye google, your eyes will be secured. You should follow the step by step guide on the manual as you attempt to clean your AC evaporator coils. If you can’t do it yourself, ask an expert to help you. This will prevent you from damaging the entire air conditioning system. 

Goodman evaporator coil replacement cost 

You will spend around $720 to replace your air conditioning evaporator coil when the components are under warranty. You will only pay the labor cost. When there is no warranty, you will spend around $2180 for replacement and installation. This is why you should regularly clean and main your goodman evaporator coil. Doing so will not only save you money but will make your air conditioning system last for a long time. 

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