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Mobile Home AC Unit

In the scorching summer heat, all you want to do is sit inside and relax in your homes. But for that, your home needs to be cool. Even if you live in a mobile home, air conditioning is the basic necessity. There are many mobile home ac unit options available in the market to choose from. But its not easy to decide which one you would want or which type would be suitable for your mobile home. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before choosing the right air conditioner for mobile home.

What factors need to be considered before selecting mobile home ac unit?

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before choosing the right air conditioner for mobile home.  These may include:

  • The place where you live and the temperature outside
  • Energy efficiency / SEER
  • Noise average
  • Cost and your budget
  • Required size

Mobile Home AC Unit Temperature outside:

Before choosing a mobile home air conditioner, first you need to consider your location, the place you are living at, and the average summer temperature outside. If you live in a colder region, you won’t need a highly efficient air conditioner even in summers. But if you live in a moderate or hot environment, SEER rating and efficiency of the air conditioner are the first things that you need to know.


If you are paying for something, you want it to work well. Don’t you? You don’t want your investment to go to waste. For that reason, you’re gonna have to do some research about the SEER ratings and energy efficiency of various mobile home hvac units so that you’ll know what to buy after finding their efficiencies and reviews. A well working air conditioner will save your money and help you chill inside your home.

Noise average:

If you are a light sleeper, you’ll need to consider this factor before getting a mobile home ac unit. It will be waste if you pay that much for you comfort but still can’t sleep peacefully. So, look for mobile home ac units that are quiet and won’t disturb you in your sleep.


Mobile Home AC Unit

Mobile Home AC Unit

Mobile Home AC Unit Cost:

Price of air conditioners is one of the main factors that most people need to consider before buying one. There are a lot of brands that provide budget friendly air conditioners for mobile homes but price is not all you want to see. You need to check the options available in your budget range and then choose the unit wisely with the most acceptable feature. Cost doesn’t just mean the buying price of the air conditioner unit but also the installation costs and maintenance costs.

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Although mobile homes are small in size and don’t usually require a large air conditioning system, but mobile homes in some hotter regions might require a greater size of the unit. So, you need to know what is your desired size for an air conditioner and then you’ll look for the range of options available according to your requirements.

What are different types of mobile home ac units ?

There are different kinds of air conditioner systems for homes. You can select what type you want according to your preferences and requirements.


Window air conditioning system:

The most common type of mobile home ac unit used is the window air conditioners. They are used to cool limited and small areas. Window air conditioners are usually very cheap and affordable, are accessible to everyone and work efficiently in closed spaces. They are the easiest to install and cost less for installation. Also don’t require a lot of maintenance. They also don’t need a lot of space and fit very easily in small spaces. That’s why they are preferred in mobile homes.

Despite all this, window air conditioning systems are the least desired because they can’t cool open and large spaces. They are the most noisy and loud type of air conditioners. The designs are old and are not pleasing to look at. They lack heating systems unlike the other types. Buy

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Packaged air conditioner:

Right now, ac package unit for mobile home is the most popular type of air conditioning system. They can cover larger spaces and work more efficiently than the window air conditioners. packaged air conditioner includes many desirable features including an air handler, a coil and a compressor. It may or may not require ducts according to the design.

It doesn’t have an indoor unit. So, it won’t affect your interior design or reduce your interior space. Packaged air conditioning systems manage it all from outside. That makes it best option as a mobile home ac unit. It also includes a heating system. So, it can come in handy in winters too. The maintenance is very easy. It is not even very expensive but pretty affordable as compared to its energy efficiency. It is less efficient than central air conditioners but make quite a good option for mobile homes where space is limited.

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Central air conditioner:

These are good options for residentials as they absorb heat from inside and release it outside through separate ducts. Due to this phenomenon, cool air reduces the temperature of the area quickly. This system increases its efficiency and decreases the energy utilized making the SEER rating high. They don’t utilize much energy. So, they are cost efficient and reduce your electricity bills.

To cool the home centrally, they require mobile home ac ducts so that cool air is equally distributed over the area maintaining even temperature around the home. and you can control the temperature from inside. How good is that! They come in various sizes and the range of options is very wide. A lot of brands are providing central air conditioners with great warranty time and lifespan. That’s why used central ac units for mobile home also make great options. But you will require an already existing furnace for this system for heat removal. The installation cost is high.

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Ductless split air conditioner:

Duct work costs a lot. If you want to save that money and the renovation that your mobile home may have to go through to install ducts, go for the ductless air conditioning system. Split comes in various sleek designs. So, you can choose according to your interior. It will add to the beauty of your mobile home. these include an outdoor and an indoor unit. Indoor unit is installed on a wall and doesn’t take much space.
The installation is easy. It also comes in various sizes.

You can select according to your needs. The energy efficiency is good and the temperature can be controlled through inside. It is extremely quiet with almost no sound. It could include multiple air handlers
The price for this air conditioner is the most high but worth it if you can afford it. You could only use a limited number of air handlers with a single condenser.

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Portable air conditioner: Buy Now

These are very cheap and affordable. Since they are portable, they can be taken to any space you like. You can take it to kitchen when you have to cook in summer heat. It doesn’t require any installation or coiling. They are the cheapest options available in the market. The drawbacks include that these are not as good as the others. The designs are not pleasant and beautiful. They take up floor space. Some of the options available weigh a lot. The energy efficiency is low but still are good options for a mobile home in the budget.

Mobile Home AC Unit

Mobile Home AC Unit

How to maintain mobile home air conditioners?

Now that you’ve chosen what type of air conditioner system you want for your mobile home, you need to know how to maintain it so that it won’t cost you much. Here are following ways you can take care of your air conditioner:

  • Changing the filter regularly
  • Clean the coils regularly
  • Check the open spaces
  • Do a yearly check up with professionals

Options for mobile home ac unit:

There are many brands that supply air conditioners for mobile homes with various options. These include all the different types of mobile home air conditioners.

All these brands provide various mobile home air conditioning systems with different options. Most of these are very affordable and accessible. They also provide good customer care services. You have all the information you need to buy a mobile home air conditioner. You can choose which one you want according to your needs and preferences. We hope that we’ve helped you with our knowledge in this regard.

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