Hydraulic Hoses Near Me – What is Hydraulic Hoses ?

hydraulic hoses near me

A crimping machine for hydraulic hoses is a machine which is used to connect two metal pieces of hoses together with the help of crimping. Hydraulic hose crimp machine is specifically used for the assembling of hydraulic hose. Two separate parts of hoses stick to each other after crimping. However, Hydraulic hose crimpers have number of uses in different types of process like crimping for industrial hoses, in maintenance shops, personal workshops, construction sites and metal assembling. Crimping machine for hydraulic hose made up of rubber interiorly and has woven wires and rubber coating exteriorly.

Types of Hydraulic Hoses:

There are 2 types of crimpers for hydraulic hose. Both are equally good and effective in their work but have a difference of aid. They are:

Handheld hydraulic hose crimper: In this type of crimper, there is a handle for the application of pressure. The pressure is applied on the handle with the help of hands as a result compressor ring attach the die with the hose. There less complex methods made the process easier to work. They are easy to use. But they are less precise than the electric hydraulic hose crimpers. They need good judgement of measurements.
Electric or manual hydraulic hose crimper: Manual hydraulic crimper has the same mechanism process as the handheld hydraulic hose crimper. The main difference is that it operates with the aid of electric power or supply. They are more expensive and effective than the handheld hydraulic hose crimper. And commonly used on large industrial scales where heavy machines are needed for speed and accuracy. Its much bigger and heavier than the other one.

Hydraulic Hoses Specifications:

Hoses are selected according to the hose and product style. In the hydraulic crimper, the ends of the hose should be square. Some more important parameters are:

  • Die
  • Die ring
  • Hose insertion
  • Crimp length
  • Diameter

In the operation, color coding technique is used for all the tools and dies. This eases the work of a person and prevent any failure during the process due to wrong selection.

Hydraulic hose crimper tools:

There are many types of hydraulic hose crimper tools are present. Some of them are:

Hydraulic hose cutting tools:

These tools are very important for the mechanics. They can prepare hoses anywhere with the help of cutting tool. It is one hand operation. Hydraulic cutting tools gives precise and repeatable cuts. They are made up solid plastic to give durable tool. You can buy these tools from online selling website within the affordable price range.

Hydraulic quick coupler:

Hydraulic quick coupler creates a tight seal. They are prepare to minimize the reduction in pressure along the hydraulic connection. Quick coupler has two parts: One is socket and the other one is plug. The plug is fitted inside the socket to make tight seal and keeps the fluid loss to minimum level.

hydraulic hoses near me
Hydraulic punch tool:

Hydraulic punch tools are prepare to pierced holes through metals. They can work with the hand pumps and any gas, mechanical pumps. Always follow safety measures during the process because punches can exert extremely high forces. The foremost step to do before the process is to match the punch and die correctly.

Hydraulic damper:

Hydraulic dampers are mostly used to restrict the flow of liquid by safely control the speed of moving components. It is prepared to absorb the shock impulses during the flow. They have many advantages which includes:

  • the breakage of valves and pipes.
  • Extend the service life of the products.
  • Reduce the noise production.
  • Reduce the pressure inside the system.

Hydraulic torque tools:

Hydraulic torque wrenches or tools are very important in fastening the bolts. They are required to get high torque outputs. They are use on large bolts specifically. Hydraulic torque tools have capability to endure minimum torque of 100ft.lbs and maximum of 120, 000ft.lbs. This capacity depends on size and capacity of equipment.

Hydraulic flange spreader:

Hydraulic flange spreader is use to open or in the separation of flange joints without damaging the surface. It helps in the repairing of pipes easily. This tool uses the hydraulic power to open the metal. They are available in a wide range and are use in the process accordingly.

Electric hydraulic hose crimper:

Electric hydraulic hose crimper is use on big scales for large amount of work.
Mechanism: There are different lengths available for hydraulic hoses which depends on the type of hydraulic component we are going to use. Before the process of the crimping, it is very important to have all the required equipment’s. knowledge about the equipment’s and safety measures to prevent any hazard. Everyone required to have necessary PEE’s which are:

  • Protective gloves
  • Ear protectors
  • Googles

Following are the steps for crimping process:

Firstly, measure the length of hose which we are going to use. Then make the edges of the cut of the component smooth. The length of the hose which needs to be insert in the crimping machine should be mark. Now focus on the machine and select the suitable diameter for the hose. Choose the correct die for the hose. Insert the hydraulic hose in the crimping machine and wait until it fits in the machine. Place the compression ring on the die. Ensure that crimp die cannot not be seen from the top of hose. Turn on the crimper machine for hydraulic hose.

Now compression ring of the crimping machine will exert pressure on the crimping die.
Machine will stop after the compression ring reaches the top of crimp die. Then the hose can be remove from the machine. You can check if the process of crimping is successful by observing the mark on the hose. If the mark seen on the hose is not present then there is no error in the crimping process, otherwise the hose is not properly crimp. From OD, Crimper exerts the force of 360 degrees on the die that is suppose to be join with the hose.

Price ranges:

Hydraulic hose crimper is available at different online sites in different price ranges. At Amazon, you can buy extra ordinary and good products within the reasonable price range. Price range on Amazon: $800 – $6,800

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High pressure hydraulic hose crimper:

High pressure hydraulic hose crimper is basically use for the careful flow of liquid through the system under high pressure. During the high pressure we can crimp the hydraulic hose with the help of following steps

Step :

1: Measure the length of hose and cut the component
2: Mark the insertion points on the hose for the indication
3: Thoroughly clean the hose using foam projectile. This will minimize the chances of failure and contamination during the whole process
4: Choose the suitable diameter for the hose to fit in
5: Put the hose in the machine up to the chalk mark.
6: Start crimping
7: Verify the diameter of crimp
8: Clean the hose again

For the high-pressure applications, single wire and double fiber braided textile hoses are suitable. They have a capacity to let the flow of petroleum based hydraulic oil and water of the very high pressure. There coating should be of oil and weather resistant. The maintenance of temperature is one of the important factors for this. The allowed range of temperature is -40°C to +100° C. Pressure endurance for the hydraulic hose offers 4:1 safety factor. So, the minimum endurance is 5,000 psi and maximum endurance is 20,000 psi.

There can be 2 types of pressure in the hydraulic hose:

First one is dynamic which means that the system is undergoing fluctuations, shocks, and temperature changes. Other one is static which means everything is going smoothly and here is no pressure and temperature change. It is opposite of the dynamic pressure. Maintain of the pressure during the flow is important it can lead to a big failure which can result in a lot of damages like property damage, time wasting and injury.

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