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Central A/C & Mini-Split A/C. $0 Down ~ No Credit ~ Bad Credit ~ Good Credit. If you can prove you can pay the bill, you pretty much can get a new A/C.

About Our Budget A/C

We accept Master Card, VISA, Discover, American Express, PayPal (We only accept paypal if it is sent as sending to a friend ONLY and not as paying for an item or service NO EXCEPTIONS, ask us why), Cashiers Check, Money Order, Cash, Financing and some CryptoCurrency (address available upon request).

We do our best to process and ship your order on the same day. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the shipper to pick up your ready order. With COVID-19 causing delays in both production and shipping; sometimes there is a longer delay. If the delay is estimated to be longer than 7 business days, we will contact you. BudgetAC.com is not responsible for shipping delays, damages, or anything else so do not schedule your install until you receive
your equipment.

Some orders will include “FREE” SHIPPING within the contiguous 48 United States. There is always a cost to ship product. On the select items with “Free Shipping” we have included the shipping cost in the cost of the item. COMMON SENSE*.

If this might be of interest, please kindly get in-tuned with our staff , who will offer you all support and knowledge to access this service.
Currently Our Service location 👉 USA and Canada.

Since buying HVAC products over the internet has now become common practice, BudgetAC.Com understands all HVAC manufacturers’ concerns and embraces their worries with only promoting installations to be performed by HVAC professionals.

The AC Outlet, a direct marketer of Air Conditioning and Heating Products, is committed to providing reliable and innovative HVAC Home Comfort Solutions. We take all precautions possible to ensure the best experience with the equipment that is purchased from our online store.

Our mindset is that HVAC Products should be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications by trained HVAC Professionals. This assures the highest unmatched performance, product reliability and brand integrity. Failure to use the services of a Licensed Professional for your installation will result in void of coverage. Once your equipment has been installed BE SURE to properly register your equipment in order for the full equipment warranty to take effect. If the equipment is not properly registered within 60 days of installation, a basic coverage of 5 Year Parts Warranty will apply. Registrations are always verified at time of Warranty Claim, should one arise.